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What is the Workout Tracker?

The Workout Tracker is a tool to keep track of your workouts. Basically, that's it. Of course, the Workout Tracker offers much more than that!

Quick logging
Using the Workout Logger, you can log several similar sets at once, provide them with comments, and add a comment to the overall session. Personal records will automatically be detected, but you can still mark them as "not a PR" in case you're logging lock-outs for example. The Workout Tracker will keep track of your training habbits. When you select an excercise, the Workout Tracker automatically suggests the top 5 excercises you used on the same day of the week in the last month. If you want to log an excercise that does not exist in the default list, you can go to your settings and add them to your personal list.

Keeping track of your progress
The Workout Tracker makes it easy to track your progress. On your user page you will get a list of your last 20 sessions. Change the filters to see more or fewer sessions, or only see sessions that contain a specific excercise. Go to your records to find out what your record for each excercise and for each rep range are. Squatted 10x140kg 3 years ago? The Workout Tracker remembers! You can even click on the excercises in the records page to get a graph of how your strength in that excercises evolved over time. In order to keep this information correct, it is of course important that you do not mark lockouts, failures, etc... as PR's during logging.

Join the community
You can see your own records, but you can also see who the strongest people on the Workout Tracker are! This list is automatically generated, so it is open for fake logs. That's why the moderators will check suspicious records. The records shown will be the squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press. Want to see the records for another excercise? Click the "press" to select another excercise! Want to talk about the records? There's a topic for that. There's also a group chat topic, and of course you can comment on other people's trainings and follow them.

Want more?
We are open for suggestions. Just post your idea in the group chat topic, and we will see what we can do.